When people ask me what it is I make, my answer is usually 'anything out of wood that is interesting or a challenge'.
My work is a labor of love. A creative outlet where I feel there is infinite room to explore different jobs and techniques and refine my craft. 
I enjoy building fine, high quality furniture, but I also do alot of work designing and building other things wood, like decks and additions to homes that are dressed in and feature predominantly wood details.  I aspire to to try my hand in just about every form of design and construction where wood working can be used to great effect.
Some people might assume that what I do is too expensive to even explore the options but it's never about the money for me. When a project comes along that peaks my interest and I know I will be challenged and have fun doing it I am very willing to negotiate my rates.
Often, I work in styles of the past that are unwavering and stand the test of time, both aesthetically and physically. These include but are not limited to, shaker, Danish, mission furniture, Victorian, and traditional and contemporary Japanese.  My belief is that these styles use proportions and elements that are found in nature and are therefore, in a way, outside of time.
I also admire many contemporary elements, especially when simplicity and contrasting woods are used to great effect. I like to marry these style aspects with my own evolving aesthetic to create timeless, one-of-a kind pieces.
Although I do enjoy my share of artistic license in each creation, I prefer a design to be a collaboration with the client. I like to ask questions and extract as much information about the space where a piece is destined to live and also determine a customer's personal preference in the many parts that make up the finished work..
My hope is that, in the end, the client will take home something that they have a deeper connection with because they played an important role in its creation. I also hope that they take pride in knowing it was constructed from local and sustainably harvested woods.