Our lumber is sawed on a bandsaw mill at 1 ¼” (for 4/4 lumber), air dried to 15-25%, then kiln dried to 7-9% in a low temperature wood-fired dehumidification kiln. This is a slow process, but the reward is in the quality of the wood itself. It hasn’t been hurried and it hasn’t been ‘cooked’.



Because we saw our lumber thicker than other mills, there is more wood to work with, assuring that you can get the best finish for your project and extra thickness for your special jobs. After the wood comes out of the kiln, it is face jointed, edge jointed, dressed to a full 1” (for 4/4 lumber) and ripped on ½” increments.


Ecological & Social Responsibility

You can feel comfortable with our social and ecological principles and practices. Our lands have a 170 year heritage of careful stewardship. We also use a five-filter sustainability assessment – in all our activities we strive to: