When I started working with wood, it occurred to me that wood is a very precious resource and if it is to continue to be harvested recklessly and stolen from the worlds forests as it has been for so many generations a craft like mine will one day cease to be possible. 
I care deeply for wood and the forests that they come from. I recognize foremost the key role trees have in making this planet habitable by us and so hope to reduce my impact as a woodworker by using only woods that are sustainably harvested or reclaimed. I hope that by doing the work that I do, I can be an example for others that are on a similar path and enable people with an environmental conscience to take home quality furniture that has been made locally and sustainably.





In 1840 the Wentzell family settled on this land and harvested trees from the surrounding forest every year. When Jim and Margaret Drescher took over the farm over 20 years ago they continued to care for the forest and harvest its timber in a responsible manner. And in 2015, the same volume of timber stands as did in 1840.

Windhorse Eco Woodshop was established in the 1990’s and has been home to many skilled woodworkers over the years. Products ranging from flooring and wallpanelling, to custom furniture, dimensional lumber, and more have flowed from the shop employing woods that were carefully extracted from Windhorse forest with the help of beloved draft horses.

In addition to the woods harvested from the Windhorse forest, the logs of impressive trees and often impressive history are destined for the firewood pile.  We rescue and mill these logs into beautiful live edged slabs. The slabs are the focal point in much of the furniture that leaves the woodshop and this keeps the glory of these fallen trees alive.