Unique works that combines a sharp eye and adept hands.

Justin has a diverse portfolio of work ranging from rustic barnboard to the awe inspiring ornate. He's passionate about wood, qualities and quirks combined, and in designing, always uses its physical and aesthetic strengths to its advantage.

He works hard to satisfy a customer's ambitions which sometimes requires experimentation in techniques and styles that are new to him. He does not shy away from a challenge and rather views it with excitement.

He likes for his work to have a story and wishes for every piece to be personal to him and to the customer. This can extend to the use of materials. A customer may wish to use the wood of a tree found in their own backyard or a barn beam salvaged from their family farm. At Windhorse this is all possible with the ability to mill and kiln dry such materials on site.




Modern furniture that embraces simplicity and allows the materials used to do most of the talking.


Character woods, nail holes included, rescued from history and repurposed into stunning contemporary pieces.



Victorian ornamentation with intricacy and embellishment that is historically accurate.

I love the idea that a 300+ year old tree might live hundreds more as a fine piece of furniture.

Creating from live edge is one of the highlights of this work. I use gorgeous slabs that are sawn from logs of local, ancient and majestic trees. Many of these logs have been rescued from being junked and stacked as firewood as their quirks make them inappropriate for conventional lumber. But we think these same quirks are what makes this lumber so unique and beautiful. 

I've built alot of different things with live edge material over the years: beds, tables, countertops, mantles, and cheeseboards and it's always a pleasure to find new ways to use it.

I want to help you create a counter top that commands your attention everytime it comes into view.

We'll work together to pick from our pallet of fine woods and assemble them to your preference: endgrain, edge grain, face grain, or live edge. When your project is complete you will take home a top that is solid, true and beautiful. 

Quartersawn red oak countertop. Made for  Studio East

Quartersawn red oak countertop. Made for Studio East


JJ Boudreau Woodcraft has teamed with Forbes Restoration of Halifax to bring back true Victorian Style to the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

This collaboration reunites the unparalleled design abilities of Hal Forbes together with JJ Boudreau and local materials so that Lunenburg County's historical facades can get the proper treatment they've been missing for decades.


Cutting & Presentation boards


Form and function are more than balanced in our kitchenware that is carefully crafted and sealed with natural products, 100% foodgrade. 




This danish style folding lounge chair is refined yet relaxed. We use a variety of hardwoods for the indoor model and "Nova Scotia Teak" otherwise known as tamarack for the exterior model.

They are incredibly comfortable.